Outdoor Power Station 300W

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Product Specifications:
Name:Best outdoor power station
AC(Output) 300W (Sine wave)
Battery Power: 256Wh/80000mAh
Battery type:2265146 lithium iron phosphate 20000mAh*4 4S1P
Interface: AC*1、USB-A*2、USB-C *1、 DC*2
DC Input:12V~24V/1A~5A(Max60W)
DC1/DC2 Output:DC 12V? 6A(DC-1+DC-2)
Cigarrete Lighter Output:DC 12V? 6A
USB-C Input: DC 5V? 3A/9V? 3A/12V? 3A/15V? 3A/20V? 3.25A
USB-C Output: DC 5V? 3A/9V? 3A/12V? 3A/15V? 3A/20V? 3.25A
USB-A1/A2 Output: DC 5V? 3A/9V? 2A/12V? 1.5A
Light Power RateShell: 3W Color temperature:6500K
Shell Material: Flame retardant ABS resin +PC
Weight: 3100g

Product feature and application:
Pure sine wave output current, no noise, lithium iron phosphate battery is safe and reliable.It is the best outdoor power station.Small size and easy to carry.
It is the perfect solution to the problem of outdoor power consumption. http://www.jkchinasourcing.com

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