New World Server Fully Owned by a Single Company

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asked Dec 29, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by freeamfva (17,400 points)

New World is entering the third month since its release, and players are still rather unhappy with the state of the game due to several game-breaking bugs and design issues that hamper the overall experience. One of the most lamented issues in the past couple of weeks has been that players are now struggling to increase their Gear Score and watermark, both of which are needed to truly access the endgame. New World's solo players are those who are being punished the most by recent changes, and the situation is dire to many other players as well.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

One of the results of Amazon's debacle in handling the most pressing issues in a timely manner has resulted in the population gradually dwindling, and not by a small margin. The all-time peak of concurrent New World players on Steam is 913,027, but that number has gone down to around 100,000 players active even in peak hours. The consequence is that many of New World's servers started to become more and more empty, to the point that Amazon itself is considering merging the less populated servers together.
Recently, popular streamer Shroud explained why merging New World servers might be problematic to a degree, but it's also true that the game's mechanics are not sustainable when a single server has 100 players or less. Another problem of not merging servers is that some may end up being governed by selfish Companies, or even the same Company altogether. This is precisely what a Reddit user by the name of MysticalKittyHerder showed with a screenshot, where a single New World Company owns every settlement in Aeternum.

The main problem with this is that those who do not share the Company's Faction will have their traveling fees bumped up by quite a lot, making it very hard to be on top of Azoth and Gold consumption. Another problem is that crafting in New World comes at a cost, and so does housing, and any Company can make tax fees on both very high for its own benefit.

One of the most recent changes to New World's internal economy is that elemental beasts no longer drop Motes when harvested, which made even more players upset. Unless Amazon changes its policy when dealing with nerfs and the overall experience, it's likely that the MMO will lose more and more players in the coming months, and that could lead to similar situations to the aforementioned one.

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