90mm Split Plummer Block Bearing Housing SN520

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asked Dec 24, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Yg0lznr1 (380 points)
GJP 90mm Split Plummer Block Bearing Housing SN520, which is bigger type of pillow block housing, it was designed as GJP with two split outer housing, which you could easily split it into two separate housings by getting out two bolts in both sides, and there is two steel material of locating rings for providing the axial location of the bearing assemblied, the bearing could be self-aligning ball bearing, or it could be spherical roller bearings with KW33C3, suffix W33 means the bearing with oil groove and oil hole, C3 means the clearance for the bearings, K means the tapered bore. GJP design our SN series with easy mounting and dismounting, various sealing options, multi-relubrication choice and case or end cover available, ande could be nether High-strength cast Iron or Ductile Iron Material.

SN520 plummer block housing could be widely used on griculture, Light textile,Mining, Food and Industrial, where there is big loading capacity requirements. https://www.bearingfamily.com/mounted-bearing-unit/plummer-block/90mm-split-plummer-block-bearing-housing.html

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