Vehicle Front Wheel Application Single Row Metric Tapered Roller Bearings 30211-RS-3B With Seals

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Description- GJP Vehicle Front Wheel Application Single Row Metric Tapered Roller Bearing 30211-RS-3B With Seals

GJP Bar Code Number: 6935329839274

GJP provide this metric Tapered Roller Bearing with one side rubber seal, which is different from normal size, and it has the feature for the common tapered roller bearing, which has a tapered bore cup and and taper outer diameter cone with rubber black seal, normally this type of bearing has a 10°to 19°taper angle, and could afford axial loading and radial loading at the same time, the bigger taper angle has, the bigger afford this bearing could bear, if there is a suffix "B" on the items number, it means that this bearing is designed with bigger taper angler at around 25°to 29°,and all of these tapered roller bearings could be adjusted the clearance during the working environment.

GJP Tapered Roller Bearing is widely used on Auotomotive, Mining, Rolling Mill, Metallurgy, Plastic production machinery.

GJP has been supplying this bearing to OEM market in automotive field, and we have advantage to provide this bearing:

1)We request to use the raw material from Jiangsu Xingcheng Steel Company.

2)We request to do the heat treatment according to the best advanced furnace for quenching, with the step of salt-bath bainite quenching and matensitequenching the uniformity of surface hardness can be well guaranteed, and the whole bearing race could be thoroughly heat treatment and hardened, so we could keep the products with the hardness range at HRC59-61,and make sure the hardness difference in one part is less than 1 degree, which leads GJP’s Bearings are more suitably applied for situation of high impact and high load.

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