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R6 credits can allow for unique tactics that you wouldn't get from some other conventional FPS. Want to blind fire round a corner without sticking your neck out? Hear someone creeping up behind you to get a knife that is easy kill? Point your shotgun behind you without needing to take your eyes away from the objective. This exceptional style of locomotion sets Firewall aside from every other competitive shooter in the marketplace and I would love to see the team flesh out what they have started with Zero Hour or enlarge on it into a brand new game that may feature more than just the singular game mode.

Once you've been removed from the game, you're still able to provide tactical support to your teammates by way of static safety cameras sprinkled throughout each map. Voice chat is just as important once you're alive as if you are dead, so being able to call out enemy locations is a huge tactical advantage in any situation. I can't tell you how many times my teams' collective butts have been saved from a 1v3 situation by simply someone providing overwatch support and calling out when enemies are about to pop out of pay.

Thanks to having that physical prop of a gun in-game as a point of reference to steady my attention, I found myself being able to enjoy sessions of Firewall Zero Hour more than most any other competitive name in PSVR. At launch and every other night I've been liberated to play Firewall: Zero Hour, my sessions can go anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours without any discomfort or issue, so I can recommend this one as a solid name to showcase the power of virtual reality, especially in the event that you've got a PlayStation Aim controller available.

In its current iteration, there's a remarkably solid frame for gameplay but what surrounds the experience is what will leave players wanting more. No doubt future support in terms of style diversity and incremental spots could possibly turn Firewall into the upcoming good multiplayer VR, but only time will tell. In its current state, Firewall Zero Hour is a shooter best left to smaller proportions. Put your headset , invite three friends, and grab your Aim controller for some of the best strategic gunplay VR has ever noticed.

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