Rainbow Six Siege Releases Massive Diamond Dynasty Content Update

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asked Sep 26, 2018 in Cell Tracking by Cszcy (560 points)

Upgrades to the game include balance fixes for the numerous Operators of the game in addition to new weapons skins. Buy R6 credits Grim Sky is another addition to a match that's grown out of, according to Ubisoft, 25 million users in December 2017, as of June 2018 to 35 million.

No launch date has been revealed by Ubisoft but when it follows content updates, expect in the first week of September.

May 2018 saw the launch of the Operation Para Bellum update to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - that the best competitive shooter on the market - and combined with two new operators (Maestro and Alibi) and new map (Villa), it also brought with it the first official map buff for Club House.

The goal with the map would be to address issues with equilibrium for play on Hereford, but to the theme, comes with an whole redesign with the route and design changes and aesthetic.

Players can expect the map and a new layout for a whole will be bigger, meaning that each floor will have a bigger surface area. Level Designers also have added new staircase to improve motion between each ground. Level Artists took this opportunity to upgrade the map identity and color palette, giving every flooring more personality.

Improving older maps is increasingly becoming essential because we're two-and-a-half years in with Siege and there are already 20 maps and 40 operators. To keep the map spinning sane, especially in aggressive and rated play, this dev team's learnings should be taken advantage of to improve what's there rather than only be additive. But do not game news- there is new content coming with Grim Sky as well in the shape of two new operators, one of which seems to confirm previous escapes about a brand new hard-breacher.

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