The game plot of this game follows the same game

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Additionally, the current generation will receive a few new badges from Nba 2k22 Mt the upcoming generation of 2K21. Be on the watch for badges that are available in MyCareer! On September 10, the basketball products for the New Year of basketball NBA 2K22 arrived as scheduled. To meet the needs of different players, NBA 2K22 this year still uses two versions: The current version and the next generation.

The focus of NBA 2K22 2K22 development has shifted to this generation. In fact, the next-generation version debuted in the 2nd season with many reforms and changes. Although the next-generation NBA 2K22 is still not perfect in actual play However, it's clear that NBA 2K22 is a more mature and comprehensive product that the last version of NBA 2K21.

The speed of character actions in NBA 2K22 is much faster than NBA 2K21 for the gameplay experience. It is difficult to see the "skating" experience of modeling characters inside an arena. The smooth and consistent movements will bring players closer towards the experience of playing a authentic basketball game. Both the defense and offense feel more relaxed because of the quickness of the character's movements.

The shooting speed is much faster and old players also need to spend some time to get used to the new shooting style. The vertical version of the bar for shooting was restored to series players.

The computer AI's defensive defense is more effective and powerful. It also offers faster and more powerful back defense , as well as supplementary defense actions. This lowers the success rate for jumps that are powerful, pick-and-roll cuts, and other high-risk movements. The players may have to employ more complex tactics to make the offense run more efficiently.

The "City of Basketball" mode in Mode MC is the most significant upgrade to the next-generation version. In 2K18, the "City of Basketball" as seen in NBA 2K22 was brought back into the community mode. The main storyline has been combined with "Basketball City" which allows players to expand their businesses through various side projects such music and fashion trends. You can become an NBA player with comprehensive development of character, intelligence, body, art and labor.

The game plot of this game follows the same game plot of the 2K series. In this game, the AI, Junior and DJ characters along with other characters from earlier generations were made NPCs. The plot line of the story is very complex, however the IQ of the script's interpretation is in fact fluctuating and a lot of plots do not have a logic. This is a shame for cheap 2k22 mt the model of career which emphasizes substituting.

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