The world of warcraft online game as the highest honor

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2012 online game developers conferences have announced. “world of warcraft” and Raph Koster will be awarded the highest honor online industry.To get more news about safely buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Praise the world of warcraft not only greatly promoted the development of online industry, at the same time in operation in the recent eight years’ time is still popular, there is still a user from all over the world, actively join. The upcoming release of the new expansion is expected to create the new record, make this one brand is all the more remarkable become the contemporary popular culture is an important mark. “World of warcraft” will be after the endless task “and” network of Genesis, into the “Select online award honorary Palace” the third paragraph of the online.

And online world legendary producer Raph Koster will be awarded “online game Legend award”. He had participated in the development of like the network genesis “and” Star Wars Galaxy “such masterpieces of online games, the work involved in the program, art, design and community management, in the industry is to respect and have great influence. He is now Playdom competent creative design of the vice president.

The award ceremony will be held on October 10. In the United States held Austin, Texas, when blizzard team and Raph Koster will attend to accept the award.

The annual global Game Developers Conference (Game Developers Conference) network Game part coming in early October this year in the United States capital, Austin, Texas began, at present this congress awards nominations are in succession, of which the “world of warcraft” won GDC palace level network Game nomination, specific awards will be subject to the player vote and attend the Game Developers decision. If no accident, world of warcraft will smoothly into the third paragraph GDC palace level network game, this also is the global network game one of the highest honor.

Can say famous game developers Raph Koster and blizzard games design style is completely different, but in this year’s game industry developers online meeting, they also obtained the field people’s identity, and will belong to their own game design awards brought home.
Koster development works including sandbox type open Online “network of genesis (Ultima Online) and Star Wars: the Milky Way” (Star Wars Galaxies), the received award for “Online game masters award”.

And blizzard’s online World of Warcraft made great commercial success, and become support the development of the company’s flagship product. This game will be listed in the current meeting “outstanding game hall of fame” in.

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