Rainbow Six Siege Is An Multiplayer Shooter

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asked Sep 22, 2018 in Electron Microscopy by Cszcy (560 points)

We discuss more blogs about just what the team is working on, we are more transparent about what we're seeking to perform in the long Buy R6 credits, and our progress in general.

The anti-cheat initiative we have had lately is a huge thing that we've been speaking with our players about. We came out and we said what we were going to be working -- three months later we gave them an update on it , three months after we gave them a second upgrade. Sharing these items with our gamers, we see it as a indication that we admire them and want them to know where we are coming from and have this understanding.

Then having our players absorb new content and participate with it is very rewarding for us because it helps us know where they are coming from and helps us get to know our community as a whole better.

It is an ongoing procedure. There's no silver bullet that is ever going to just fix toxicity in online gambling, and it's one of these things where we have been working on and will continue work on. We've got added features coming with Operation Grim Sky that are going to make it better, but it is a long-term endeavor and it's something that we are dedicated to continue to work and improve for many years to come.

The reaction from our players was a little mixed. We like a dev team and Ubisoft as a complete have a very firm position when it comes to harassment and toxicity, thus we feel very strongly that racial and homophobic slurs do not belong in game news. We're totally okay with gamers which disagree with usthat's entirely their right, but we are not going to shy away from that which we believe is right and our vision for Rainbow Six.

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