Waterproof Panel Mounting Inlet

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asked Dec 9, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_dhvZPpkX (560 points)
High security and reliability

a. Different types of plugs and sockets prevent mis-insertion due to different plug clock positions, diameters and pole numbers, which is safe and reliable.

b. The ground pole socket in the Waterproof Panel Mounting Inlet is longer than the phase pole socket, which ensures that the ground pole is first connected when plugging, and the ground pole is finally separated when it is pulled out, which is very safe.

c. The elastic sleeve is added to the insert sleeve to ensure good contact with the plug after the connection, so as to avoid burning the plug socket due to poor contact heat; high protection level. Can be used under poor environmental conditions.

d. The anti-drop device is installed to greatly improve the safety and reliability of the plug and socket power connection. https://www.apekselectrical.com/industrial-plug/panel-mounting-inlet/splashproof-panel-mounting-appliance-inlet.html

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