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Other updates to the sport include weapons that are new in addition to equilibrium fixes to the many Operators of the Rainbow Six Siege Items. Operation Grim Sky is another addition to a match that's grown out of, according to 25 million registered users in December 2017, Ubisoft, to 35 million as of June 2018. Without the programs of a sequel, a 10 year vision for the match and eventually 100 operators (now 42 in the event that you include Clash and Maverick), it's shaping up to be a good alternative for those looking for a strategic shooter to play.

Ubisoft has not shown any launch date yet, but if it follows content updates, expect in the first week of September.

May 2018 watched the launch of this Operation Para Bellum update to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - that the best competitive shooter in the marketplace - and combined with two brand new operators (Maestro and Alibi) and brand new map (Villa), it also brought with it the first official map fan for Club House.

This was for Year 3. For Year 3, season 3, we've got the just-revealed Operation Grim Sky upgrade which will include an entirely reworked map for Hereford foundation - the original prototype map for Rainbow Six Siege.

The goal with the map would be to address problems with balance for aggressive play on Hereford, but with the route and layout changes, comes an entire redesign to the theme and aesthetic.

Players can expect the map and a new layout for a whole will probably be larger, meaning that every floor is going to have a bigger surface area. Level Designers have also added new staircase to improve motion between each articles of game. Level Artists also took this chance to update the map's visual identity and colour palette, giving more personality to each flooring.

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