Overhead Crane Safety Light

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asked Dec 7, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_d1PCDNLD (200 points)
The Safety Light Your Company NeedsEnsure your company has employee safety top of mind with this premium, high-grade overhead warning light. Available in red or blue, this adjustable lamp can be used indoors on a crowded warehouse floor or outdoors for a powerful security light near loading docks.How Will Your Workers Benefit?· A favorite of crane operators, this specialized overhead lamp increases protection on the floor by projecting safety lines and giving the operators more control when placing their heavy loads.· It also increases precision and efficiency, making their jobs easier and potentially less stressful· The projected lines also allow nearby employees and pedestrians to be warned as well as informed about the load's dimensions and placement, so work can continue safely outside of the well-lit area.?Easy to Install and AdjustInstallation of these overhead crane safety light is extremely easy, so your company won't have to stress over difficult and time-consuming connections. Simply mount the lamp directly on the crane, and the adjustable mounting bracket can position the projected lines just where the operator needs it, up to 150 degrees of vertical motion.Product Details Combines Durability and Power· Each overhead warning lamp consists of two dozen LED lights of 84 or 120 watts· Emits an impressive 12,000 lumens and 6000K LED color temperature· Powerful brightness will warn anyone nearing the crane zone and eliminate the need for loud and distracting alarms· Crafted from durable aluminum housing· Features a 3.3 meter long cord for added convenience· High quality ensures 50,000 hours of service life· Versatile enough to work in temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 85°CWith features like this, our Overhead Crane Warning Safety Light makes the perfect choice for your business. Not only will it increase the safety quotient at your company, but your employees will also realize you care about their well being. http://www.mywarningsign.com/led-pedestrian-safety-system/crane-warning-light/overhead-crane-safety-light.html

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