New World: What you need to know about Amazon's new MMO

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If you're even a casual observer of gaming, you've probably heard the name New World get thrown around in the past week. After many delays, the long-awaited game launched on Wednesday. It's developed by Amazon Games which, after the failure of previous Amazon title Crucible, makes it a high-stakes release for the commerce giant. To get more news about buy nw gold, you can visit official website.

You can only gauge a massively multiplayer online game's success months or years after release, but New World is off to a good start. New World has more concurrent players than any other game right now, according to Steam data, as well as more Twitch viewers. Over 700,000 were playing New World on Wednesday, a peak reached by few games on Steam.
New World is a fantasy MMO game developed by Amazon Games, and it's exclusive to the PC. It has all of the trappings you'd expect from a big-budget MMO in 2021 (and you know Amazon has a big budget): a huge world with varied environments, a range of modes that include player-versus-player and player-versus-environment (PvP and PvE in MMO-speak), and deep roleplaying options.

Like all massive online games, you'll need to play New World to really get your head around its many, many elements. But here's a rough outline.

New World takes place on Aeternum, a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. You play as an explorer essentially looking to colonize the island, but find that Aeternum is home to a magical substance called Azoth. Not only does Azoth make the local fauna and flora hostile to you, it also animates the dead explorers who came to Aeternum before you. Essentially, the island is trying to kill you. You'll harness the power of Azoth to fight back.

When you begin, you'll choose one of three factions: The Marauders, The Syndicate and The Covenant. Within each factions are companies (what would be a guild or clan in another game), which you can join. Companies can work together to take over settlements scattered throughout Aeternum, which can then be turned into player cities -- which you'll then need to protect. There are also four computer-controlled factions in The Corrupted, The Lost, The Ancient and The Angry Earth. The player-controlled factions are often at war, and you'll have to align with one and fight in these battles.
In 2014, Amazon Games announced that it would move away from the mobile games it had been making (Airport Mania, To-Fu Fury), and would begin embarking on AAA game development to take on studios like Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft and Square Enix. To that end, in 2016 it announced three titles: Breakaway, Crucible and New World.

Breakaway, a combination of Rocket League and League of Legends that targeted the esports crowd, was canceled in 2018. Crucible, a team-based shooter roughly similar to Overwatch, was critically panned upon release last March; response was so poor that Amazon shut down Crucible servers after just seven months.

So yes, New World is important for Amazon Games, because the studio really needs a big win right now. New World has been delayed three times, originally slated to launch in May 2020 before being pushed back to August 2021 -- before a final one-month delay.

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