Outdoor Percussion Steel Drum Set

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asked Nov 30, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_dqFgKgxz (160 points)
Outdoor Percussion Steel Drum Set
Item: Rainbow drums B | ZXH-602233-01(G.K)
Range: N/A
Notes: 5
Material: Music Alloy

Elite Drum B using a whole arc design concept with rainbow colors to make the product full of sunshine and vitality. Whatever your age that all can enjoy it; As far as the idea is concerned, the play is as wide and passionate as it is to create wonderful music. With stainless steel, it is very suitable for use in public areas and is a very popular product.

The drums are suitable for music lessons, outdoor school performances, drumming, and music therapy sessions as well as great outdoor play equipment. http://www.deatsmusic.com/outdoor-musical-instrument/tuned-drums/outdoor-percussion-steel-drum-set.html

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