Introduction Of Spring Forming Machine

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It solves the problems of complex structure and high production cost of the existing spring forming machine. The spring forming machine includes a frame, and the frame is provided with a rotating shaft driven by a power mechanism, and a mandrel that can rotate with the rotating shaft is clamped on the rotating shaft. , The shaft is provided with a bayonet for fixing the end of the spring wire, and a guide rod for guiding the spring wire is sleeved on the mandrel, and when the end of the spring wire is fixed in the bayonet, the power mechanism drives the mandrel to rotate Under the action, the spring wire can pass through the guide rod and be wound on the mandrel. The spring forming machine has the advantages of simple structure and convenient spring forming. The mandrel is supported by the pressing member and the support member, which effectively reduces The runout tolerance of the mandrel and the high precision of the spring size.Get more news about spring forming machine producer,you can vist our website!

Founded in 1967, HTC has been dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of excellent quality, high speed, precision, CNC spring and wire forming machines and spring forming machinery. HTC now offers one of the most complete lines of CNC spring coilers, CNC spring forming machinery available used throughout the world. Spring forming machinery is available in 2-16 axes including:

S Series high speed spring forming machines (Servo/cam combination)
XM Series (all servo CNC spring formers)
XR Series (Servo/Cam combination)

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