Developers Decide Which Characters To Create Next

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Siege was a fantastic idea with a few rough edges as R6 credits started, but it did not let itself get bogged down with a rocky beginning. Now it's among the best multiplayer games out there. It's the finest shooter available right now. The way it rewards and encourages creativity, while still being a stressed, nail-biting shooter, is an intoxicating mix like nothing else out there. Even years following release I can't get enough. Ubisoft plans to support it for quite a while yet so there's no reason you should not get involved. It's better than it ever was and it's only going to get much better.

Rainbow Six Siege Devs Talk Bringing Balance, Personality, and Diversity to New Operators

Up to now, the game just has 40 Operators (42 once the new Grim Sky update hits) so Ubisoft is going to be at it for quite a while. Will it be possible to make 100 unique, intriguing Operators?

"We have a notion for the meta long term and our gamers teach us a lot so sometimes that affects. We've got an idea for where the meta is headed and so if we see something at which we need to make an adjustment then we'll. I believe Hibana is an excellent illustration of that. When the game launched, we had one hard breacher, we had Thermite. If you dropped your Thermite at the opening of a round, you were in trouble. So the addition of a 2nd hard breacher was prioritized as a way to be certain we had more options in our gameplay .

Our game designers have wanted to have a defense operator on protection for quite some time and so today we do [in Clash]. We'd known we want an extra breacher on strike and we had to implement a little bit of further new technology to make that viable in the manner that Maverick is, but today that is implemented we're in a position to have operators like Maverick."

Making new Operators is not just a dry procedure for Information at twitter holes in the meta game -- personality and diversity matter too. In fact, Ubisoft is investing more in this aspect of Operator creation...

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