RS485 Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter

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asked Nov 26, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_ROB03ZKR (220 points)
Ultrasonic water meter is to detect ultrasonic waves in the water downstream and countercurrent propagation time difference, This new all-electronic water meter is calculated by the program analysis and processing of water flow rate and then calculate the water flow.
Main Features

-- No mechanical movable parts,Impurities in water can't be affected, Long service life.
-- Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, the ultrasonic water meter can be measured and has wide range of measurement . It can be measured when it has very small traffic .
-- There are many alarm functions:Battery voltage can alarm,empty tubes or pipes that are not full of water,transducer fault alarm and more
-- Low-power design and the use of high-energy batteries, can work for 6 years or more.
-- The communication interface is M-BUS and Rs485,it can easily achieve remote real-time monitoring and management on the LAN.

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