President Emmanuel Macron meets PSG

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In Spain, every player has a buyout clause written into FIFA 19 Coins their contracts, with a purchasing club paying the fee to the player and the player then transferring it to La Liga.


President Emmanuel Macron meets PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi ahead of Neymar's arrivalPSG had fought against paying the money as a buyout clause to the league because it means releasing all the funds immediately and incurring additional tax. But Barcelona were not prepared to allow the French club to treat the transfer as an orthodox deal.


They are also likely to put pressure on UEFA to fully investigate how PSG have funded the payment of the clause - which they once thought beyond the reach of every club in the world. Meanwhile, Barcelona confirmed they have not paid Neymar's father commission for a five-year contract renewal signed in October last year, despite a payment of FIFA reddit €25m (£22m) being due on July 31.


The club have deposited the money with a lawyer in the city and will take legal advice after Neymar's transfer has been concluded to see if they can pay only a percentage of the fee - in keeping with the proportion of the deal which Neymar served. Neymar Snr is due to earn around £36m from the transfer. 

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