NBA 2K20 is a great instance of how corporate influence diluted the game

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asked Nov 17, 2021 in H&E by Nfkjasfas (1,540 points)

The character's power will be reduced to 60 points on average at the start of the game. Join college, play in the G-League or simply join the NBA? The players will be able to "enter the school for the league", "participate the G-League NBA 2K MT," or "participate the NBA draft" after they have officially started their journey in the "My Career" mode.

It is not possible to play in the NBA in the event that your character cannot be accepted to the university before he or she becomes a member of the G-League. However one who decides to stay in the NBA can still participate in the college league following the completion of one season. You can select any university for all three options.

Therefore, if players want to have the best experience or to determine the strength of their character in itself, it is suggested to go for the college league at an early stages, then G-League before deciding to join the NBA. Additionally, if you are successful in winning the championship in your college, not only will the player be awarded an additional badge of competence.

This is to ensure that the person is capable of participating in the NBA draft's first round. This also means they can be part of a stronger team as well as earn a higher wage (VC Coin) and increase the odds of making it to the playoffs buy mt coins, and ultimately winning the championship.

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