Disney+'S Biggest Reveals Were Behind Paywalls?

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Unlike the teaser trailers and clips for relatively smaller announcements, Disney+’s biggest reveals hid behind paywalls

The Obi-Wan Kenobi footage and first looks at upcoming Marvel shows were exclusively released on Disney+, which required a subscription to be unlocked. This move was made in response to the drastically slow increase in subscriber numbers — a mere two million in one quarter — and a sharp drop in Disney’s stock.

To lure people in, Disney+ offered a full month of subscription for just $1.99, in hopes of them eventually agreeing to pay the full price once the promo expires. The studio intentionally leveraged the content of its highest-earning and most popular subsidiaries, depending on their fans for its much-needed subscriber boost. However, those willing to spend just to watch a few seconds of the fourth-wall-breaking She-Hulk portrayed by Tatiana Maslany or Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight had already been subscribed to Disney+, considering that it houses most of the MCU’s content. While it was meant to encourage people to subscribe, the very things that might have enticed new subscribers to sign up were foolishly the very reveals a potential new audience couldn't see. This marketing decision to deprive casual viewers of Star Wars and Marvel arguably just discouraged them from subscribing in the long run.

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