Should we listen to music while studying or not?

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asked Nov 14, 2021 in Cell Tracking by fereshteh (160 points)

I love music, especially pop music, I listen to music in any situation, whether while studying or exercising and walking, and it calms me down. I even start my day in the morning listening to my favorite music, which is علی عبدالمالکی خدا بزرگه. But next year I have to take the university entrance exam. Of course, I also have a music site called آهنگ هارمانم. Now that I want to pass the university entrance exam, do you think listening to music while studying for the university entrance exam is the right thing to do or not? Does anyone have experience in this field?

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answered Nov 21, 2022 by Harley Cox (140 points)

There are many laws in the music industry that must be strictly followed. If you plan to use a license to legally publish a song, you will need confirmation from each copyright owner. More information here

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answered Aug 18 by jamesrobrt12 (1,100 points)

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