Remote Control Duplicator Copy Method

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asked Nov 11, 2021 in Electron Microscopy by usensor (560 points)

Common copy objects include electric door remote control, garage door remote control, retractable door remote control, sliding door remote control, barrier remote control, rolling door remote control, remote control used in alarms, various fixed codes, and learning code remote controls .



Operation method:

1. Delete the existing code of our remote duplicator


Press the keys 1 and 2 at the same time until the LED quickly flashes 3 times, then keep pressing key 1 while release key 2 and press 3 times until the LED flashes fastly and continuously, release the key. The code has been deleted successfully.


  • Copy the code of your original remote control


Take your original remote in the left hand and our duplicator in your right, put them close to each

other. Press keys of both of remote controls until LED on our duplicator keeps flashing, release the keys.The left keys follow the same above operation.

  • Resume the previous code of our remote duplicator

If you carelessly delete the code of remote duplicator, how to do get the memory? Just follow the belows:

Press keys 3 and 4 at the same time,until the LED keeps flashing quickly.

Note: 2- - - - key remote duplicator does not have this function.


1) Your original remote control and remote duplicator should be with the same frequency.

2) Please be sure that your original remote control is fixed code one.

3) When any of the button of remote duplicator keeps being pressed for a long time, the remote

duplicator will stop working after 15s to save power.

4) Sometimes if feel hard to duplicate, please replace a new battery for your original remote control.

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