You can build your "My Brand"

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asked Nov 11, 2021 in H&E by FryeJacob (1,220 points)

This will give you a certain amount of NBA 2K22 MT experiences and raise the levels. The "personal interest"-style abilities are mainly used to obtain sponsors. The character can sign with the sponsor when the value is at a certain amount. Further appearance costs may be also be paid and VC Coin can be increased.

You can build your "My Brand" by working on various projects within the city. Pay close attention to the way teammates are assessed during the game. It does not necessarily mean your career will be easy even if you've been picked by a solid team in the NBA draft. As a newcomer, unless the ability of your role has vastly exceeds the average of the entire team, the duration in the reserve will be longer than the time spent on the court. More details. At this time, the coach will issue a request and the athlete must complete a series of "B"-level teammate evaluations during the game in order to be the first player.

"Teammate evaluation" does not mean players should score more goals. It also means that they need to work together to pass, move forward and effectively defensively and Buy 2K22 MT minimize mistakes (such the stealing of a player, etc ).

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