What are the characteristics of the laser pointer that provides power?

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Background of mobile power laser pointer

Currently, presentations are widely used in education, lectures, and conferences. When presenting a presentation, the projection system mainly includes: a projector, a screen and a laser pointer. During the presentation of the PPT, the blue laser pointer serves as an eye-catching moving spot to point the PPT at a long distance, and has the function of reminding the audience to watch key information. Normal laser pointers are equipped with batteries, but the batteries used in laser pointers in the prior art cannot be charged. When the batteries are dead, they must be replaced; moreover, it is not easy to buy batteries that match laser pointers on the market. Therefore, the user usually discards the laser pointer when the original battery of the laser pointer is exhausted, which causes inconvenience to the user and also reduces the life of the laser pointer.

At the same time, the high powered laser in the prior art uses a hard switch to control the turning on of the laser pointer, that is, when the button on the laser pointer is pressed, the laser pointer turns on. Although this working mode is simple and convenient, for some unavoidable misoperations (such as accidentally touching the switch), it may cause the laser to directly hit human eyes and other parts, which is more dangerous. Moreover, more importantly, if the working voltage of the laser light emitting device in the laser pointer is unstable, it makes the use of the laser pointer not safe and reliable enough, and makes the laser light emitting device extremely easy to be damaged, thereby reducing the life of the laser pointer.

What is the structure principle of the laser pointer?

An ordinary laser pointer emits a red laser to achieve long-distance indication, and set a button to perform simple operations such as flipping up and down the presentation. However, it cannot achieve the touch function of the touch screen. To realize the touch function of an ordinary laser pointer, it is necessary to recognize the red light from the image of the display screen, obtain the position of the red light, and then convert it into the operating instructions of the computer. Because the red light is mixed with the image of the display screen, it is easy to misidentify; Infrared laser pointer, equipped with infrared filter, can easily identify infrared green laser, but its positioning is very difficult.

The development of network technology has brought great convenience to people's lives. Mobile phone calls, network videos, and network phones have helped people eliminate regional barriers and realize barrier-free communication. However, the problems solved by network technology are far more than the realization of barrier-free communication. In recent years, remote application technologies such as remote video conferencing, remote teaching, remote surgery, and remote experimental guidance based on network technology have become more and more perfect. In the application technology, local visitors or instructors can intuitively communicate with on-site personnel located at the remote end.


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