Boiler Bricks

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Boiler clay firebricks refers to the content of AI2O3 30%~40% of aluminum silicate clay products.The mineral composition of clay brick is mainly kaolinite and 6%~7% impurity. Clay brick belongs to weak acid refractory products.The three-level high aluminum brick belongs to the neutral refractory material, which has good resistance to acid, alkali slag, corrosion, oxidation and reduction reactivity of metal liquid, as well as high thermal stability, refractoriness above 1770℃, good slag resistance and so on.


Product features:

1, refractoriness: the refractoriness of clay refractory brick is determined by his chemical composition and impurity content. From his physical and chemical indexes, it can be seen that the higher the content of Al2O3, the higher the corresponding liquidus temperature.The general boiler refractory bricks in 1580-1750℃.The higher the content of Al2O3, the higher the corresponding liquidus temperature.

2, load softening temperature: because boiler clay firebrick at a lower temperature liquidus and began to soften, if the external force will be deformed, so the load softening temperature of clay firebrick is much lower than the refractoriness, only 1350℃.

3, slag resistance: clay firebrick belongs to the neutral bias to acid firebrick, so the resistance of clay firebrick to alkaline slag erosion is slightly worse.

4, thermal shock: the thermal expansion coefficient of boiler firebrick is small, good thermal shock resistance, the number of water cooling at 850℃ is generally 10-15 times.

Physical and chemical indexes of high alumina brick products

Project level 1 high alumina brick level 2 high alumina brick level 3 special high alumina brick


Product Category:

1, according to the use of clay firebrick can be divided into blast furnace with clay firebrick, blast furnace with clay firebrick used in small blast furnace lining furnace throat, furnace body, hearth, furnace bottom and large blast furnace body.

2, hot blast stove with clay brick, hot blast stove with clay brick for hot blast stove, regenerator and partition wall.

3, glass kiln with large clay firebrick, glass kiln firebrick for masonry glass kiln.

Product use: because of the low softening temperature under load, shrinkage at high temperature, poor thermal conductivity, weak mechanical strength, so the clay brick is only used in the secondary part of the coke oven, such as the sealing wall of the regenerative chamber, small flue lining brick and grid brick of the regenerative chamber, furnace door lining brick, furnace top and rising pipe lining brick and other parts.It is suitable for the lining of blast furnace, hot blast furnace, electric furnace, cupola, coke oven, soaking furnace, heating furnace, refining furnace, rotary kiln and all kinds of industrial furnace, flue, smoke chamber and so on.

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