What factors depend on the visibility of the laser?

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Visibility index related to green laser wavelength or color. The average human eye has the best sensitivity at approximately 555 nm. According to the visibility index 1, the proportional index is calculated downward. The green laser is more visible than the red laser.

Consider the type of ammunition used, and calculate a series of variables, including wind resistance, range, and bullet weight. Then project one or a series of points within the range. The best laser rifle scope usually works 500 yards (457 meters) under optimal conditions, and under normal conditions, the maximum range is 350 yards (320 meters). In addition, high-quality red laser pointer sights are not caliber-specific, but can be programmed to accept any type of ammunition. Generally speaking, the laser rifle scope will be clamped or slid and locked on the barrel. Therefore, keeping the equipment as light as possible is the key to maintaining balance and mobility. The lightest laser rifle scope weighs about 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg). Similar non-laser sights are usually 5% to 10% lighter.

Laser rifle scopes require at least one battery to work because they contain electronic equipment components. These components increase the weight of the entire device, so the less battery required, the better. The best sight can run for several hours with a single charge, and has a waterproof housing to resist short circuits and corrosion.

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