Fans can watch the esports competition on Rocket League’s YouTube channel this week

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Initially launched in February, Shopify Rebellion, the esports group for Rocket League Trading Prices Shopify, has introduced a new crew in Rocket League.Competing in Rocket League esports, the roster comprises three expert gamers, Jalen “fast” Parker, Landon “BeastMode” Konerman, Michael “Memory” Moss – and one instruct, “hawpsu”. This addition is Shopify Rebellion’s 2d team, with its first competing in Starcraft II.

After handiest more than one months since the inception of the Canadian agency, Shopify Rebellion ventures into new scenes. Looking back, the organisation commenced with Starcraft II after hiring former Team Liquid train, Dario “TLO” Wünsch, as its esports supervisor and megastar participant Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn. Now that matters are rolling step by step, a new group competing in Rocket League simplest way more matters to come back for Shopify.

Starting out, the roster holds players who have competed for 1 to 5 years against expert teams like eUnited, Rogue, Envy and more. Most of them additionally remained steady with seasonal leagues and main occasions. Bringing those experienced gamers collectively holds plenty of ability.

Fans can witness Shopify Rebellions’ ability when it faces off nowadays in the RLCS X – Spring: Lamborghini Open. Running from April 22 to 25, the roster will test their limits and spot if they could score a percentage of the $a hundred,000 prize pool that’s up for grabs.

Fans can watch the esports competition on Rocket League’s YouTube Rocket League Item Prices channel this week. This event can show how Shopify Rebellions’ Rocket League esports crew stacks towards the first-rate.

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