Will using a laser pointer cause lightning strikes?

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asked Oct 8, 2021 in H&E by jackery (440 points)

Small portable high power laser pointer are used to guide lightning strikes and prevent forest fires caused by lightning strikes-a study that could lead to such measures was recently announced.

Does the laser pointer emit radiation?

Basically electrical components have radiation. I have a friend who makes this product. The radiation of the Green laser pointer is very small, and there is no harm to the human body. But don't irradiate the eyes to affect vision. Improper use of laser can cause temporary or even permanent visual damage. Looking directly at a laser with a power of 5mW and above will cause temporary visual damage to the eyesight, and a higher power will cause permanent visual damage or even blindness. High-power lasers may ignite flammable materials and cause fires.

Can portable laser products be sold?

Battery-powered portable laser systems can be sold in the United States, provided they are fully compliant with standards, certified and reported, and are not Class IIIb lasers for pointing or entertainment purposes. Personnel operating Class IIIb portable laser systems should be familiar with the above ANSI standards for safe use of lasers. The ANSI series of standards include specific information on the safe use of such laser products in their applications. IEC-International Electrotechnical Commission Standard 60825-1, Ed. 1.2: 2001-08, ANSIZ136 standard can be obtained from the American Laser Institute (www.laserinstitute.org).


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