Warriors, the buy RuneScape gold toughest ever boss in RuneScape

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Warriors, the buy RuneScape gold toughest ever boss in RuneScape, Vorago has arrived, it’s time to take the challenge of high-level boss fight! Get ready for the fight of your life as you face down the rock-hard new boss Vorago in a 5+ player battle to the death. Survive, and you'll have the chance to get your hands on level 90 mage gear: seismic weapons and tectonic amour!


Are you ready for the encounter? Grab cheap runescape 3 gold on RS3gold, sharpen your weapon, start out and kick off!Vorago: High-Level Boss Fight (members only)Compared with the exciting launch of RuneScape 3 on July 22, Vorago is a more urgent update in RuneScape that you would love to encounter! Vorago, the one that is considered as the hardest new boss ever has arrived in the territory of RuneScape!


Head up to the cave opening north of Falador, east of Doric's house. To encounter Vorago, you have to be a RS member, also make sure to take your best gear, and get yourself accompanied by as many of your high-leveled, well-geared game friends as you can get.To take the challenge of high level bass fight, speak to Vorago himself in the Borehole north of Falador to the east of Doric's house.


There will be 5 stages (you have to kill him 5 times) to fight him in. Once a player initiates a challenge, after 20 seconds, Vorago will unleash a total of 50,000 damage, so, it’s better for you to More Read have 5+ player to join your group. It’s hard yet not impossible to defeat Vorago, try to fight hard, and have a great teamwork with your teammates!

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