Game and Condenia and Healthy Game Ecosystem Composition

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The Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim, Kyu Chul, the game) concluded a work agreement for healthy game ecosystem composition (journalists) and the development of healthy game ecosystems in Busan,

The Convention Agreement has built a mutual cooperation system between the game and the coincandinan to activate the game and activation of the game industry, and the game industry exchange, communications, operators, operate and operate the game industry. Hotline new and operational issues It is the main contents of expansion.

The game and Cancer are planning to comply with the Game Industry AC, Communications Meeting , to establish a place to actively listen to the opinions of the game industry and the opinion. In addition, we decided to establish a hotline between two institutions and continued to cooperate with prompt and preemptive response to the promotion and regulatory issue of the game industry.

In addition, the game and the Cancer were mutually cooperated for the game online education and promised to work for game industry support and healthy game ecosystem composition, such as creating jobs in the game industry career and job creation of job creation.

Kim Gyu-cheol said, The game industry, I will try to make a significant place to make a significant spot that represents the game ecosystem.

The Game Industries is important to foster the growth engine, which is a leading industries that are leading the economic and economic economy in a digital conversion environment, which is accelerating with corona 19, said Zhengzhou, I tried to communicate closer to the game industry and build a cooperative system and cooperation system for effective support, he said.

CHIKA - INDUSTRY GAMES [Official Lyric Video] The agreement was pursued as a subsequent measure of both agencies and member of the Congress, which were conducted in the Congress of the National Assembly,

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