Why Choose Inlne Closure from Greentelftth

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asked Jun 23, 2018 in Electron Microscopy by greentelclosure (120 points)

The Inline Closure is also called Horizontal closure. The input and output are on the both sides. Inline closure is more suitable for backbone application.

Features of Inline Closure from Greentelftth

● Easy to assemble

● Protection level reaches IP68

● High Quality plastic body material ensure the durability

● Suitable for Φ8mm~Φ16mm cables

● Aerial, underground, pipeline,man-holes,hand-holes assembling

● Adapt to the ambient temperature from -40℃ to +65℃

Click https://greentelfiberclosure.tumblr.com/ or https://www.greentelftth.com/ for further information.

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