The working principle of the portable laser pointer

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Laser pointer interactive system

Laser point detection methods, coordinate mapping methods and interactive methods are mainly used in the blue laser pointer interactive system. The wireless laser pointer interactive system can complete a feature-rich interactive system. However, the system requires additional embedded equipment to solve the problems of inconvenient installation and deployment.


The appearance characteristics of the portable laser pointer

The utility model relates to an outward portable laser pencil, which comprises a pen tip, an external component, a light source and a power supply, a shell, an external assembly, a light source and a power supply in a spring, The high power laser pointer tip has a rotating position and a coupling position of external connection and rotation; The external component is composed of two external components, which are used to connect the external component and the external component; The spring is composed of a translation part, a receiving part, a connecting part and a tail, and the receiving part is installed between the translation part and the connecting part, Connecting part and connecting tail; The light emitting part of the light source assembly must match the light emitting part that must be equipped with a heat sink, Enable it to transfer heat to the outside; The receiving part is provided with a first housing opening, the light source is in the first housing, the tail is provided with a second housing opening, and the power supply part is installed in the second housing, The output part has a light transmission law, and the light-emitting part of the light source radiates outward through the light transmission law.


Features and advantages of portable laser pointers

The portable laser pencil is composed of pen, external components, light source and power supply, pen, external components, light source and power supply, which are installed in the spring, For electrical connection, there are radiators for shell parts, connectors, tail wings and outlets, and heating devices are used, The heat of the light-emitting part is transferred to the external portable laser pen, allowing the user to carry the portable laser pen freely through the external parts. The outlet heating device effectively improves the heat dissipation performance of the portable Green laser pointerand solves the problems easily found near the outlet, In addition, it also facilitates the transportation and storage of heat, improves the working experience with users, and makes it easier for them to put in their pockets and carry with them.

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