Personally, I would prefer moving all minigames?

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asked Sep 23, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by Wuyahong (1,660 points)

Personally, I would prefer moving all minigames, such as Defender of Varrock, FOG, as well as Clan Wars, to other places. However, the three quests can be tricky. Defender of Varrock and Summer quests both contain large wilderness areas. In my opinion, the most effective solution is to instill the entire quest. What do I mean by that? As soon as you meet the quest start point or go into the wilderness as part of he defense of varrack tale, you're completely on your own with no player interaction. This would change the quest little, but it shouldn't affect it too much.

Green Dragons should remain, as should armored Zombies (or Chaos Ele) as well as all other training spots should stay the same. The Corporeal creature is an interesting point. Although I can imagine it being fun to have barrage runners enter the cave the boss's mechanic is unique to RS in the fact that you'll be putting your money down lots due to its high risk nature. The entrance could be moved nearer towards the edge of the wildy as it is currently at the level 20.

The summoning process also poses a problem, I would far prefer unique basic game restrictions and lending could be easily resolved by not allowing lent weapons in the wild, summoning combat level will need to change. It would be great to be able drop everything at will, just as in the rest of RS. The restriction of pouches in this manner feels strange in pvp realms. There is no way to solve this, maybe the best option is to simple leave the pouches in the form of "pouch in invent, combat increases"

My final and most important point, do not have pvp wilderness worlds. Never. The excitement of the wilderness provided one thing that pvp/bh realms were lacking, and it was the most efficient handling I have ever seen.

Pvp meeting pve players. It was possible to use the resources available, like rune, treasure trails and dragons to earn rewards. However, this wasn't a mandatory obligation. My above point for the quests stands as everyone should have access to that type of content, however making some worlds "safe" is a blunder entirely. This is the thing I'm most worried about If there's an uninvolved world that doesn't be attacked, it negates the point of it in the end, and is a source of risk.

As there is an entirely safe place just a step away, it is unlikely that any runecrafter should make use of the deadly abyss. Armoured zombie-goers can simply hop over to a safer world after leaving the wilderness. In fact, that would work for any world. This is a request to do not promote the idea of "safe" worlds and the half-assed wilderness. it defeats the point and the fun of being in the wild.

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