Pablo Paladino in exchange for FIFA 19 Coins

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Pablo Paladino in exchange for TV production rights to soccer matches.Paladino worked for the now defunct government program Futbol para Todos (Football for FIFA 19 Coins All), which broadcast local soccer matches on public TV. Delhon worked under Fernandez's chief of staff, and dealt with Futbol para Todos.Paladino rejected Burzaco's claims, saying Futbol para Todos didn't have the budget or ability to make spending decisions.


We could only broadcast," he told The Associated Press.Paladino also said Fernandez's administration called the shots."They were politically responsible for the country. They took the political decisions, they bought the rights and later, in a third instance, there was a show like ours, where there were administrative issues in the cabinet chief's office," he said.


All we had to do was to broadcast it."The Fernandez government, which ended in 2015, created the free-to-air soccer program on Argentine public television. While Buy FUT Coins giving more free access to Argentine soccer fans.


Fernandez was sharply criticized for using the program to promote her government.Earlier this year, an Argentine court opened criminal proceedings against two of Fernandez's former chiefs of staff - Anibal Fernandez (no relation) and Jorge Capitanich - for allegedly taking public funds earmarked for Futbol para Todos.Burzaco's testimony continued Wednesday. 

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