5:3 Steel Arrowhead With Quickvise

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asked Sep 8, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_OC74X6aN (480 points)
5:3?Steel?Arrowhead?With?QuickviseSafety technical requirements:
1. The ground anchors used for hoisting should be made strictly according to the design, and attention should be paid not to obscure the engineering records, and to be overloaded during use;
2. The ground anchor pit should be dug into a right-angle trapezoid, and the slope and line clamp should be 150 degrees. The ground anchor pit is determined according to the comprehensive situation of the site;
3. The angle between the drag rope and the horizontal plane is generally less than 30 degrees. The exit point of the ground anchor foundation pit (that is, the knee position after the wire rope passes through the soil layer) includes the depth of the pit 2.5 times and the foundation pit is within about 2 meters. Structures such as trenches, cables, underground pipelines, and temporary trenching, etc.;
4. There is necessary stagnant water on the ground;
5. The ground supports are arranged in the forward direction along the embedded parts. http://www.earth-anchoring.com/power-driver-screw-anchor/power-driver-screw-anchor-socket-type/power-driver-screw-anchor-socket-type-1-250mm.html

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