The screen of paddy cleaner can be changed

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The paddy, grains are now allowed onto the pre screen where the oversize material is separated and the paddy automatically lows onto the final screen. The final screen will separate the Finer impurities like dust, fine sand and material which are under size than paddy. The screen of paddy cleaner can be changed according to the grade of material to be processed.

All grains undergo different types and levels of processing to make them edible and palatable. Pre-processing of grains is essential to prepare them for further processing and involves simple operations such as dehusking, milling, sieving, parboiling, germination, etc. Any kind of processing alters the nutritional quality of grains depending upon type and severity. 

Features of paddy separator:

* Durable imported parts, advanced automatic braking system, convenient operation and maintenance.
* Perfect transmission system ensures the good mechanism performance.
* Low mechanical barycenter, good balance, reasonable rotational speed, stable and reliable processing property.
* High position of the superior quality sieve plate avoids the clogging.
* Widely applicability for both long-grain and short-grain brown rice.

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