Why is paddy cleaner important for both grain milling?

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asked May 10, 2018 in 3D Segmentation by ricepolisher (800 points)

Always paddy cleaner is very important for both grain milling or seeds processing as its the first machine in conditioning process, so an uneffective job will also affect to the job after of lenght and gravity separators .

Paddy was milled using laboratory scale rubber roll sheller and abrasive polisher. Chaff content percentage was measured by adding 100 ml of paddy to water and volume of chaff was measured using graduated cylinder. HRY was calculated dividing the weight of grain partials, which are larger than the 3/4 of the grain, by weight of paddy sample. HRY between the two combine harvesting machine models evaluated were not significantly different at p<0.05 and also it was not significantly dependent on the harvesting methods such as combine harvesting and manual harvesting. The chaff content was significantly higher in model-2 in comparison to control sample for long grain paddy while model-1 was not significantly different with control sample for short grain paddy.

rice whitener principle is to use electricity on continuous moving parts and uses a manual system the regulator components. Components are driven by electricity like rubber rolls and air blower. Components are driven by manually like shutter, feed adjuster, roll gap adjuster and wind adjuster.

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