How is the dry paddy rice passed to a paddy cleaner?

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asked May 7, 2018 in 3D Segmentation by ricepolisher (800 points)

As a first step, the dry paddy rice is passed to a paddy cleaner, which will give it a final purification process. Then they are moved to a rubber roller shell where the grain is separated from the shell by 95%, expelling is covered, and the product is peeled with part of it. These peeled grains are sent to the densimetric table where the separation of rice is done.

The peeled grain follows the process towards the rice polishers, where the removal of the surface layer or bran is done; this method is called grain polishing. Rice bran or "powder" is used as animal feed; the polished rice is transported towards the classifiers where the whole grain is separated, and the broken grain is classified.

Many types of rice are labeled "white" in the store. In reality, there are many shades of white, ranging to near brown. The lighter shades of white are produced by abrasive rice whitener that whiten the stock to various shades of the color.


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