Automatic Sieving Machine

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Automatic sieving machine is a kind of high precision fine powder screening machine, works by the upright motor as vibration source, installed on both ends of the motor on the eccentric hammer, the motor rotation movement into horizontal vertical slope of three dimensional movement, then pass the movement to the screen surface at the ends of the regulation on the phase Angle, can change the course of movement on the surface of the material in the screen, vibration due to its operation principle, many enterprises are also called the three dimensional vibrating screen filter, according to shape structure is part of the customers' call for circular screen. Features:
 1. Automatic discharge of impurities and coarse materials, continuous operation.
 2. 7 kinds standard models(400,600,800,1000,1200,1500,1800mm) to meet your different requirements.
 3. This machine can screen and filter any powders,particles,liquid.
 4. Sieve size range from 4 mesh(4750 micro opening) to 500 mesh(25 micro opening)
 5. The production capacity is 1-10tons/hour
 6. Network for easy, simple, convenient cleansing, fast network for only 3-5 minutes
 7. Material: carbon steel, stainless steel 304(316)
 8. Green product with dust-cover, can prevent dust pollution and powder flying.Technique Data:ModelPowerSieve diameterDimensions?(mm)LayerM400-1s0.25kw350mm580*580*56012s580*580*67023s580*580*7803M600-1s0.55kw550mm800*800*75012s800*800*89023s800*800*10303M800-1s0.75kw750mm900*900*75012s900*900*89023s900*900*10303M1000-1s1.47kw950mm1160*1160*81012s1160*1160*95023s1160*1160*10903M1200-1s1.84kw1150mm1360*1360*88512s1360*1360*105023s1360*136012753M1500-1s2.2kw1430mm1850*1850*99012s1850*1850*118523s1850*1850*13803M1800-1s3.0kw1700mm2200*2200*105012s2200*2200*125023s2200*2200*14503Buying Guides
 1.What is our product range?
 Our company is specialized in manufacturing screening equipment, such as Round Vibrating Sieve, Ultrasonic Sieving Machine, Tumbler screen, Gyratory screen and so on2.What method of payment do you support?
 We usually support T/T, L/C and various methods of payment is available.3.What are the advantages of our products?
 1) Reasonable structure.
 2) Favorable performance.
 3) Electricity saving, large capacity.
 4) All voltage can be customized, such as 420V, 380V, 480V and so on.

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