4 Deck Vibrating Screen

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asked Aug 18, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a6yuS1oO (400 points)
Working principleThe basic principle of vibrating screen is the heavy hammer(unbalanced heavy hammer) installed in the electrical axis transform the motor’s rotary motion into horizontal, vertical, tilt motion( threeD movement) , then this movement passed to the screen surface. Adjust the upper and lower ends of heavy hammer's phase angle, this can change the trajectories of materials on the screen surface.ClassificationClassification is put powder and particles of different sizes into particles. With 1 to 5 layers of screens, one vibrating screen can separate the particle in 2-6 size continuously and have a narrow particle size range control.Impurity removal simulation chartImpurity: In high flow process, the machine can remove large particles or particles with lower percentage quickly.?Filter simulationFilter: Vibrating screen can melt the solid material in all kinds of slurry is rapidly cleared, and slag continuously.Features1. High efficiency, compact design and durable, any powder, mucilage are screening.2. Screen changing, simple operation, easy cleaning and convenient.3. Do not mesh plug, the powder does not fly upwards, can sieve to head 500 or 0.028mm.4. Impurity, coarse material automatic discharge, continuous operation5. Unique grid design, the use of screen time is long, fast network for only 3-5 minutes.6. The volume is small, does not occupy space easy to move. http://www.vibratingseparator.com/vibrating-screen/vibrating-sieve/4-deck-vibrating-screen.html

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