3 Deck Vibrating Screen

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asked Aug 18, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a6yuS1oO (400 points)
Works principle of 3 deck vibrating screen
 Vertical vibration motor as the excitation source,? top and bottom mounted eccentric blocks. Transfering rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three-D movement, then conveyoring the movement to sieve.Apply to industry of 3 deck vibrating screen
 Various kinds of the materials can be screened by the machines including those within 0~400mesh like try, wet, refined, coarse, heavy and light as well as those within 0~600mesh like liquid and pasty materials.Technical parameters of 3 deck vibrating screenModelPowerSieve diameterDimensions (mm)LayerM400-1s0.25kw350mm580*580*56012s580*580*67023s580*580*7803M600-1s0.55kw550mm800*800*75012s800*800*89023s800*800*10303M800-1s0.75kw750mm900*900*75012s900*900*89023s900*900*10303M1000-1s1.47kw950mm1160*1160*81012s1160*1160*95023s1160*1160*10903M1200-1s1.84kw1150mm1360*1360*88512s1360*1360*105023s1360*136012753M1500-1s2.2kw1430mm1850*1850*99012s1850*1850*118523s1850*1850*13803M1800-1s3.0kw1700mm2200*2200*105012s2200*2200*125023s2200*2200*14503 http://www.vibratingseparator.com/vibrating-screen/vibrating-sieve/3-deck-vibrating-screen.html

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