What is the degree of paddy cleaner of the paddy?

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asked May 2, 2018 in 3D Segmentation by ricepolisher (800 points)

This is an important operation and highly recommended not only on a large and medium commercial scale, but also on a small scale. It consists of the separation of undesirable material, such as weed seeds, straw, chaff, panicle stems, empty grains, inmate and damaged grains, sand, rocks, stone, dust, plastic and even metal and glass particles. The degree of paddy cleaner of the paddy reflects to some extent the care applied during harvesting, threshing and handling.

The rice post-harvest system requires improvement in the use of resources for research and development, particularly with regard to the level of post-harvest losses. These losses are attributed to a combination of factors during production and post-production operations (De Padua, 1999).

rubber roller husker could reduce breakage percentage of hashemi variety up to 2.58% (rice weight base) and %5.4 (paddy weight base).yield result showed that the type of huller machine and amount of hulling had significant effect on milling yield. The milling yield of Hashemi variety were %66.3 and % 63.07 in rubber roll huller and Engel Berge huller, respectively. Whitening result showed that the type of huller machine and hulling percentage had significant effect on degree of rice whitening. Degree of rice whitening with Engel Berge huller was more the rubber roll huller.

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