What is run through a paddy cleaner known as a scalperator?

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asked Apr 28, 2018 in 3D Segmentation by ricepolisher (800 points)

The dry rice is then stored in storage tanks and held for sale. When an order is received, rice is sent to the rough rice tank where it is run through a paddy cleaner known as a scalperator. Next, it is moved to large drums called indents that remove grass and weed seeds. Then, on to the monitor, which removes anything other than clean rice. From there, the product goes to shellers, which remove the rice from the rice grain.

After the hull is removed, rice moves on to paddy machines, which separate any rough rice with hulls remaining (paddy rice is rice before threshing or in the husk) and returns them for further processing. The shelled rice then goes on to a pearler to be milled into white rice by machines using abrasion to remove the bran layer. After the bran layer is removed, remaining bran is bagged and sold through the company's feed store as a "nutritious feed supplement" for animals.

In rubber roller husker, rough rice was husked randomly and as single grain vertically and horizontally. For both huskers, variation of husked ratio with specific husking energy was well expressed by the Weibull's distribution function. Husking energy efficiency, system cracked ratio and system broken ratio curves were well expressed by the empirical equations.

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