30ml E Juice Bottle

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asked Aug 11, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a8fZjOj0 (320 points)
Product Introduction: Wide size filling opening and transparent visual bottle make it easy to fill and refill e liquid in right amountwholesale unicorn bottle is Chemical stability, oil resistance fat resistance, weak acid, weak base resistance, resistance to most solvents.Packing Information30ml e juice bottles SizeBottle(Pcs/Carton)Nozzle (Pcs/Carton)Cap(Pcs/Carton)Carton Size: 60*50*44cmCarton Size: 60*50*44cmCarton Size: 60*50*44cm30ml e juice bottle1800250005000Some parts will be mixed and packed into one carton if any part is less than 1 carton? http://www.nuohuaplastic.com/e-liquid-bottle/eliquid-bottle/30ml-e-juice-bottle.html

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