Tassel Crossbody Bag for Women

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asked Aug 10, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_aaITWayu (460 points)
Tassel Crossbody Bag for Women features lightweight body with sleek, fluent tassel design. It contains a cell phone pocket, a card pocket and a zip pocket for your valuables. Tassels are an element of bags that have always been popular, for they can add a liquidity and moving sense to the motionless bag, suitable for those who fancy a light and flexible bag. This bag can be both carries in your hand and  on your shoulder, and its high quality material can withstand a long term use. https://www.rotows.com/women-s-crossbody-bag/crossbody-bag-for-women/tassel-crossbody-bag-for-women.html

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