Canvas Tote Bag For Women

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asked Aug 10, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_aaITWayu (460 points)
The material of canvas tote bag for women is made of high-density striped burlap cloth, which is dry, wrinkle resistant and non ironing, giving people a cool and fresh feeling.

The handle is made of leather with short handle. The double-sided leather is thickened and round. It has strong wear resistance and is not easy to be damaged.

With the ingenious design of the designer of the handbag, three pieces of fabric are used to make the canvas tote bag for women more spacious and practical.

The magnetic buckle is used at the mouth of the bag to remove the complexity of the zipper, make it more simple and fresh, and protect privacy.

This canvas tote bag for women uses vertical lines in the design style, which makes the handbag show the simple and fresh urban beauty.

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