Mould Cartridge Heater Element

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asked Aug 6, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_5u3440ow (300 points)
Brief introduction of mould cartridge heater element

The mould cartridge heater element is an electric heating tube installed by punching or slotting the mold. The more common embedded mold dry-fired cartridge heater element is usually a straight rod, with a limit stopper, and a right-angle bending.
Advantages of mould cartridge heater element

1. Non-standard customization, flexible production, to meet the heating requirements of various equipment.

2. Built-in K-type or J-type thermocouple can be used to detect temperature.

3. The fixed flange can be flexibly added.

4.The scientific ratio of resistance wire and magnesium oxide powder and strict production process ensure uniform heating.

5.High temperature resistant wire, good conductivity, high safety, fast heating speed, more professional and dedicated.

6.Stable use, complete materials, price production, and testing internal control mechanisms to ensure stable product quality.

The mould cartridge heater element is mainly used for bag making machines, edge banding machines, packaging machines, 3D printers, mold heating, sealing machines, etc.

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