waste gas treatment ozone generator

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asked Aug 4, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_a0MNZTlG (380 points)
We supply waste gas treatment ozone generator. More than 2000 sets of waste gas treatment ozone generator have been sold in domestic and abroad. Volatile organic compounds in waste gas is oxidized into CO2 and H2O by ozone molecules and active free radicals, thereby it achieves the aim of deodorization and purification.
Product Specification
Origin: Made in China
Model: CF-G-2-10kg
Ozone capacity: 10kg/h
Discharge medium: DTA non-glass tube (Patent No: ZL2008 1 0015373.0)  
Material of electrode: SS316L
Ozone concentration: 20-30mg/l  
Feed gas type: air source
Function: waste gas treatment ozone generator https://www.guolin-ozonegenerator.com/search/waste%20gas%20treatment%20ozone%20generator.html

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