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Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar were selected to cover the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition. They will be in NBA 2K22 MT Coins attendance at the press event. I quote Durant's interview from the clip.

This is your third appearance as a cover athlete in NBA 2K. Could you please tell us more about this significance?

It's vital. This is particularly relevant for players. The members of our family as well as friends grew up playing video games. Every child hopes to be on cover artwork. It's an honor to return to the cover artwork for the 3rd time. As much as I could, I want my friends, family, and my team to be featured when I take the stage. It is an honor and I am honored that I am able to grace the cover.Kevin Durant "Meeted many people in 2Kand formed relationships."

Most likely 2K. When I first started playing the game every single day, 2K was readily available. The 2000 edition of NBA 2K is the first book. Iverson was depicted on the cover. This was the next level in graphics and graphics from that point on Buy NBA 2K22 MT. We took the invitation and began the game, and there was a potential for the future. It was an incredible moment. It's a memory I'll be reminded of repeatedly throughout the year.

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