Steel tube painting machine

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asked Jul 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_1a28BYYz (400 points)
This steel tube painting production machine line adopt high pressure airless painting process, which is good for paint film firmly and evenly attached on the pipe surface and available for many kinds of paint material. Paint film thickness is from 20 to 45μm.
The production line start from pipe loading, and each station has transfer conveyor. We take the most suitable conveying method according to customer’s real condition. All the systems are controlled by PLC. And there are two modes for selection, manual operation mode and automatic operation mode.
The paint spraying is high pressure spraying system. It includes pump station, paint tank, water mist dedusting device, exhausting pipeline, paint recycle device and spraying device.
Before painting spraying, the transfer conveyor includes four groups of chain roller conveyors; after painting, the transfer includes five group of chain roller conveyors. The type of conveyor, the length of transmission, depend on customer’s real workshop environment.
All the automatic control is in a operation room with screens and monitors.

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